Member’s Registration

Under Article 7, of the Association’s Statute filed in the court of Athens, “Members” of the Association may be those who served as Marines Forces regardless of sex, and have been appropriately discharged / retired (Normal Service Leavers).  Under the same article it is possible for ex Marines belonging to countries members of EU and from USA to apply for full membership.

The Association can also accept affiliates, having the status of «friend” who did not serve in the Special Forces regardless of sex.  Those members have the right to participate to a series of meetings, activities and venues, but without any rights of participation into the organization’s administration bureaucracies, nor become candidates for Board of Directors Members et al.). In all cases (members or friends), those interested must apply in writing to the association, for consideration.

By signing the application, they accept all terms and conditions as described in the establishment statute of the Association that has been filed and which can be handed o them for examination during a meeting for an interview with any member of the BoD of the Association. (Note:  All fields of the application have to be completed). Upon signing the application they can hand it over, in person, to any member of the Board, who has explained to them all the terms in detail.

Exemptions for the submission procedure can be given, mainly due to the distance of residence obstacle but on a case by case consideration. Those interested may send their applications either by FAX at +30211-7700708 or after scanning them completed and signed by email to seep012@gmail.com, keeping the original copy, to be presented upon request by a BoD member or via any BoD authorized representative.

Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered as a “Member” with Full rights, after a the BoD approves its application after a considerable period of time, while monitoring whether his/her behavior compliers with the values of association. Two current members of the Association will state the case on behalf of the candidate proposing the acceptance of the member and upon approval and the payment of the annual subscription of 25 euros, the candidate becomes “Member of the Association”

The subscription fee applies to both members and friends of the Association.

The Board of Directors