Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement:
We expect to become the main communication link between normal service leavers Marines and their families, with those still on service and the general civilian public in order to preserve and promote the history, the values, the solidarity and the “esprit de Corps” of the Marine Corps family.

More specifically we aim to:
a)    Preserve and promote the wider Hellenic military history, tradition and principles of Hellenic Marines
b)   Promote solidarity, mutual aid and selfless contribution among our members and to the community
c)    Become an active channel of communication between citizens and reservists marines
d)   Be ready to support active marines wherever and whenever required.

The main objectives of the Association, described in our Establishment Statute are:

  • Maintain and develop the spirit of the Marine Corps Reserve through our participation in major venues.
  • Create those conditions that will develop the frequent relations between Reservists and those still in service as marines.
  • Provide moral and moral support to remote units of the Armed Forces and residents of the respective areas, especially close to the borders.
  • Organize, lectures, excursions, gatherings, dance-ball, cultural and sports activities, publications informing our members as well as the general public about the activities of the Association.
  • Create segments amateur sporting activities, with particular emphasis on those related to the Special Forces.
  • Research of any new and acceptable means for the promotion of the “Esprit De Corps” of the Marine Forces.

Actively involve our members in the field of Civil Protection while at the same time promote the values of voluntary contribution through providing assistance to the state.