May 16, 2013 – Affiliation between Greek and Spanish Marine Corps Reserves association

avime_seepThe Hellenic Marine Corps Reserve  Association and the Associacion Nacional De Veteranos Del Real y Glorioso Cuerpo de Infanteria De Marina De La Armada Espanola 1537, concluded an affiliation agreement on May 16.2013. An agreement which, will guide the establishment of strong relations between the two organizations. Relations which are based upon the interchange of ideas, philosophy and values, and highlight the esprit de corps of Marines internationally.


March 29th 2013 – 1st Annual Naval and Marines Meeting onboard the Battleship Averof.

A meeting dedicated solely to the history of the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Marines. An amazing evening onboard the legendary Battleship Averof that was kindly given by the Greek Naval Command to our association to host our venue. Several researchers and scholars analyzed various subjects of Hellenic naval and maritime history including the director of the Zea Harbour Project, Dr. Loven, The professor of Hellenic Naval Academy Dr. Photakis, the Archaeologist Mr. Nakas and the Director of the History Division of the Hellenic Navy, Commander Mimikos. The annual meeting concluded with an audiovisual presentation of newly discovered wrecks in the Aegean by the underwater researchers and photographer N. Vasilatos and H. Tsopouropoulou  


February 27th 2013- Launch of “ARGO” e-magazine

Cover New800x600The first issue of the official e-magazine is published on our webpage.  The name of our magazine is “Argo” in order to commemorate the legendary ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts on their quest to discover the Golden Fleece. This quest was officially claimed as the first amphibious landing thus, giving Modern Greek Marines the nickname “Argonauts”. The magazine had the honor to host various historical articles based upon code and values of publication similar to those adopted by historical societies worldwide as well an exclusive interview from a GreekAmerical sergeant of the United States Marine Corps    


January 13th 2013 – OFFICIAL VISIT onboard LST LESVOS

Members and affiliates of our Association had the opportunity to visit LST Lesvos at Salamina Naval Base. During our stay in the officer’s mess we were given a very interesting presentation about the history and the various functions of those vessels, followed by a tour by a naval officer on various parts of the ship. In the meantime, our kids were enjoying their own special tour by ladies, naval officers that was concluded by a very pleasant interactive game of knowledge, designed by an affiliate preschool educator.


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